Transfer/Move from

Before you start #

To start with the move, you’ll first need a domain and a hosting plan. If you already have a domain with you can refer to there guide on updating your nameservers to point to another host.

Exporting Your Blog Data #

Make sure that you are already signed into your account. Go to your blog’s dashboard. On the left-hand column, you will need to click on the WP Admin link to open your blog’s admin area.

In the admin area click on Tools » Export.

Clicking on the Export tool will take you to a new page where you can select to export your content and/or media library.

You will be sent a download link once your export was successful.

Importing Content into your new WordPress Site #

You will head to the exact same spots as in step one but instead of selecting Tools » Export you will need to go to Admin »Tools » Import.

You will need to install the WordPress importer if it not already installed and then select the downloaded files from step 1 and then import your data.