Migrating a WordPress Site

If you are moving a WordPress website from another host we recommend using Migrate Guru to move your site over.

We have had no major issues during migrations except for sites hosted with FlyWheel as they modify the WordPress core files. For support on this please contact us.

Before you start #

You will need to download the plugin on the website you will be migrating from.

Configuration #

To begin you will need to enter an email address that will receive notifications during the process and agree to the terms and conditions.
After you have clicked “Migrate site” you will be presented with a screen to select the host. To migrate to us select FTP.

Migration Details #

After selecting FTP you will be presented with the Migrating to FTP screen. You will need your welcome email to complete #1 – 4. (On #2 leave Port blank)

For #5 the path should be entered like this -> /httpdocs/

Migration #

Congrats if all went well you will be shown a loading screen showing your site is being migrated over to our servers. If you had any issues or have questions please reach out we would be happy to help.